Girl on Fire Sample Lesson Plan

Welcome Message


Hello there, I’m glad you’re here.


Do you struggle with the pressure to be someone other than yourself?


Do you feel overwhelmed by the thought of becoming an adult and everything that’s involved with that role?


Do you sometimes feel alone, misunderstood and not recognized for what you are capable of?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’re in the right place, and you’re certainly not alone.


My name is Jenny Kierstead and I’m the founder of Breathing Space Yoga Studios and Yoga in Schools. While I currently live an amazing life filled with career success, relationship fulfilment and vibrant wellbeing, this wasn’t always my reality. When I was 16 years old, my whole world came tumbling down around me—my dream of becoming a university basketball player was in jeopardy, my parents were divorcing, my dog who slept on my pillow each night was hit by a car and died, my boyfriend was diagnosed with cancer and my beloved grandmother passed away. While any one of these occurrences would be considered traumatic, I had all of them happen at once! It was indeed, the perfect storm.


Up until that point, my life had been status quo: the same house, same family structure, same routine and same friends. My parents were leaders in the community and very respected. My two siblings and I were well loved. People used to think of our family as the ideal. But behind our outwardly perfect image there was a storm stirring that would eventually crest into a massive wave of destruction.


And when it struck, I was completely ill-prepared. As I attempted to cling to the pieces of my crumbling world, I used what few coping mechanisms I had at the age of sixteen. I dealt with the perfect storm by controlling what aspects of life I could: my diet and my body. Before I realized what was actually happening, the dark power of anorexia took hold of my life and continued to do so for years.


After many years of suffering and many moments on the brink of giving up, I have emerged from the wreckage of that storm. I have also amassed incredible skills from years of cognitive therapy, bodywork, ancient healing practices, rigorous personal inquiry and service.


The teen years are the most creative, energetically charged years of our lives. My work over the last twenty years has been to create a repertoire of core competencies, or inner treasures as they are referred to here, to help those in this phase of life stay healthy and balanced.  Many people, like me, live through these years without effective life skills. For that reason, this program is truly applicable to women of all ages.


My hope is that this program will be deeply rewarding with content you will refer to for years to come. It is also my hope that this program ignites you and challenges you, calling you to reconsider habits that don’t serve your highest potential. This work of questioning old ways of being requires great courage and faith on your behalf. Speaking from experience, you will not only survive, but come out on the other side thriving as a whole new version of yourself.


A Girl on Fire is a woman free to be who she was born to be, a woman who confidently shines her light essence into dark spaces and a woman with the power to wholeheartedly lead humanity into greater realms of consciousness, compassion and peace.  


I hope this work transforms your life as much as it has mine.


May you be healed

May you be happy

May you know great joy

May you dwell in peace.






A note on contemporary Yoga


In some forms of yoga, sexuality is considered a distraction from the path. Therefore, strong asana practices were prescribed to help restrain one’s sexual impulses. Other forms of yoga bring sexuality into the teachings, working with sexual energy as a way of charging one’s practice. In both approaches however, the goal is to harness this highly creative energy in order to use it for purposes of personal growth, creative expression and positive contribution. In the adolescent phase of life, sexual energy is very strong and yet the maturity to manage it effectively so is not yet developed; so learning to channel it is a worthy practice.